Bring your blanket and lawn chair and enjoy the ongoing music throughout the day. 


Pillar Stage

Nestled among shade trees and offering natural amphitheatre seating, the Pillar Stage is home to the largest daytime sessions where magic is made between diverse performers from around the globe.


Creekside Stage

Cross the bridge over the meandering creek and you’ll find the Creekside Stage. Home to intimate concerts and smaller sessions, this stage offers amphitheatre seating and a great view of the entire lower area of the park. Every performer has a private concert over the festival weekend and this is where the daytime ones take place.


Gazebo Stage

The acoustic Gazebo is located in the upper area of the park, far from any possible sound bleed from the other stages. This is intimate performance at its finest with the opportunity to really connect with the performers and other audience members.


Jam Tent

New for 2019 is the Jam tent, situated in the upper area of the park behind the Creekside Stage. Nestled quietly in the trees, performers can get together to jam and practice and you get to be part of the experience.


Main Stage

Our awesome Main Stage backs onto the creek that runs into Lake Erie and has towering trees that frame the picture perfect setting. Lots of flat seating for blankets and chairs. Enjoy the evening breezes off of the lake and the endless sky of stars as you watch new and old favourites performing.