What Should I Bring?

  • Casual clothing AND rain gear

  • Practical footwear

  • Sunscreen, bug spray and any other supplies you need

  • Something to sit on–tarp, blanket or low back lawn chair

What Should I NOT Bring?

  • Pets (sorry, we love them too, but no pets on the premises)

  • Alcohol or drugs (beer and wine are sold on site)

  • Glass containers (exception baby food and bottles)

  • Video or audio recording equipment

  • Tents or lean-tos

When Is The Music On?

  • Friday 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM

  • Saturday 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

  • Sunday 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

How Do I Know What's On When?

Program books are available for free at the gate, with complete schedules, site map, performer bios and lots of great information about what’s going on over the weekend. You’ll want to keep your program book as a souvenir of your festival experience and be sure to get it autographed by the performers!


Where Can I Park?

Unfortunately there is no parking on-site but there are free Municipal Parking Lots within walking distance to Lakeside Park. Volunteers will be happy to direct you and offer assistance.

What On-Site Services Are Provided?

See Festival program book for complete information about services and site locations.

  • Family activities

  • Food and beverage concessions

  • Wine and beer sales

  • Artisan village

  • Performer merchandise and memorabilia sales

  • Lost & found

  • First aid

  • Washrooms

  • Free drinking water

  • Recycling and composting

Rules & Etiquette

  • Be a good neighbour – Don’t block the view

  • Please be aware of chair heights and try not to block the view of the folks behind you. Stay seated or dance in designated areas.

  • Consider your neighbour’s listening experience

  • Turn off your cell phone and don’t talk during performances. Most folks want to hear the music, not their neighbouring tarp’s latest news. If you absolutely need to talk – including on your cell phone – please keep it quiet so others can enjoy the tunes, or better yet, move to the non-listening areas.

  • No smoking

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere within Lakeside Park but you are welcome to step outside the gates.

  • Pitch in

  • Put your compostables, recyclables and garbage in appropriate bins provided.

  • Know where your kids are

  • Do not leave children unattended; keep your kids with you after sundown; direct lost kids to the closest stage so that we can make an announcement.


​Additional Information:

  • There is a Free Drinking Water Station located on site so bring refillable bottle or purchase one from out general store

  • Bag check in effect: checking for alcohol, drugs or glass (baby food & bottles permitted)

  • Wheelchair and additional needs: Look for the Blue Tarps!
    Blue Tarps are available at all stages
    Volunteers can assist your ability to move around the site. The Folk Festival has a complete program to accommodate patrons with physical challenges. Please let us know in advance by emailing us here.